Welcoming He Yanxin to Tokyo

              Seijo University and the Nüshu Research Group have invited He Yanxin, the last transmitter of Nüshu, to Japan. During her stay in Japan from February 27th until March 7th, she will participate in a Nüshu study meeting at Seijo University, and I would like to take this chance to introduce the script to those interested in seeing it in person. The plan is to have He Yanxin write a poem in Nüshu, tell us about its meaning, then sing the poem for us.

              This is a precious opportunity to view this near-extinct script in person outside of China. For those interested, please attend one of the events listed below:


                                          Seijo University              Liu Ying   liuying@seijo.ac.jp

                                          Nüshu Research Group   Dr. Orie Endo   orie8@nifty.com


1.  Yokohama Naka Library

March 1, 2011  2:00-4:00pm

Lecture: “Disappearing Script—Inviting the Final Transmitter of Nüshu”

“What is Nüshu?”  by Dr. Orie Endo

“The Figure of Nüshu”  by He Yanxin & Liu Ying

This lecture will be held in parallel to an introductory panel exhibition at the library from mid-February



Keiko Murakami (Yokohama Naka Library)

16-1 Honmokuhara, Naka Ward, Yokohama City 231-0821

045-621-6621 Fax045-621-6444



2.  Fusae Memorial Building

March 3, 2011  1:30-4:00pm

Lecture: “Nüshu—Welcoming the Last Transmitter”

  Director’s Address

  Lecture and Introduction to Nüshu  1:30-3:30

              Lecture: “What is Nüshu?” by Dr. Orie Endo

              Introduction to Nüshu: “The Figure of Nüshu” by He Yanxin & Sunqi

              Questions and Answers

   Refreshments 3:30-4:00

Entrance fee: 1000 yen (reservation necessary)



Kimiko Kubo (Fusae Ichikawa Memorial Association)

2-21-11 Yoyogi, Shibuya Ward

Tel. 03-3370-02380239



3.  Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

March 4, 2011  3:00-5:00pm

Location: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Room 304

Lecture: “The Transmission of Women’s Script: A Conversation with the Transmitter of Nüshu” Dr. Orie Endo, Liu Ying, He Yanxin


4.  Event sponsored by Café Mojimoji

March 5, 2011  3:00-5:30pm

Location: Morisawa, Tokyo HQ (Iidabashi station)

     2-27 Shimomiyabicho, Shinjuku Ward

Lecture: “The World of China and Nüshu”

By reservation only



Yuuji Michihiro (Café Mojimoji office)



5.  Suginami City Library

March 6, 2011  10:30-12:30

“Nüshu—Welcoming the Last Transmitter”

              Lecture: “What is Nüshu?” Dr. Orie Endo

   Introduction to Nüshu: “The Figure of Nüshu” He Yanxin and Sunqi

  Questions and Answers

By reservation only



Kayoko Inuzuka (Suginami City Library office)

Tel. 03-3391-5768