Announcement of Symposium on Nushu


     Chinese womenfs scripts, Nushu —‘, transmitted across generations of women in the southern part of Hunan Province ŒΞ“μΘ, China, are valuable scripts which display Chinese womenfs originality to the full.  But there are only a few transmitters left now, so we are driven by the urgent need to leave complete and accurate records of these scripts for future generations. 

    Consequently, we are pleased to announce an international symposium

entitled gThe History, Present Situation and Future of Nushuh


Time: September 10, 2004


Place: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’†‘ŽΠ‰ο‰ΘŠw‰@ at Jianguomen nei Dajie, Beijing, China ’†‘–k‹žŽsŒš‘–ε“ΰ‘εŠX


Title: The history, present situation, future of Nushu  


Organizers: Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’†‘ŽΠ‰ο‰ΘŠw‰@ŒκŒΎŒ€‹†Šand the Japan Society for Study of Chinese Wemenfs Scripts “ϊ–{’†‘—•ΆŽšŒ€‹†‰ο


Themes: Researching the origins, history, transmission, and orthography of Nushu, the relation of Nushu to dialects, the literariness and musicality of Nushu works, how to preserve Nushu, etc.


Contact persons:

1. Huang Xuezhen‰©α’εor Bai Changmao ”’’·–Ξ e-mail<>, Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’†‘ŽΠ‰ο‰ΘŠw‰@ŒκŒΎŒ€‹†Š at 5 Jiangguo men nei Dajie, Beijing 100732, China –k‹žŽsŒš‘–ε“ΰ‘εŠX‚T†


‚QDLi Qinan —›Šο“ν(e-mail, Department of Japanese Language, Institute of Foreign Languages, Beijing University –k‹ž‘εŠwŠO‘ŒκŠw‰@“ϊ–{ŒκŠw•”


3.  Kimiyo Tobari (e-mail, Japan Society for Study of  Womenfs Scripts“ϊ–{’†‘—•ΆŽšŒ€‹†‰ο

Orie Endo (e-mail BXI05557@nifty

Miyamae 3-2-19, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0081, Japan