collectionT2.jpg (10070 bytes)

scriptBookS.jpg (8639 bytes) A San Chao Shu only with pictures
scriptStoneS.jpg (9905 bytes) Tombstones for Ms. Gao Yin-xian (1902- 1990), one on the left is written in Nushu, one on the right is written in Hanzi (Pu wei village)
coverS.jpg (7696 bytes) The page has flower patterns in the center
fig4_2S.jpg (16318 bytes) The page has flower designed paper-cuts on the corners
fig6S.jpg (16557 bytes) The handkerchief which Ms. He Yan-xin gave me in March, 1995
redEmbS.jpg (9141 bytes) A kids wear decorated with embroidery (Bai xun village)
whitecircularEmbS.jpg (8410 bytes) A beautiful collar with embroidery and lace (Bai xun village)
writers0499S.jpg (13317 bytes) He Yan-xin, Zou Shou-yi, He Jing-hua going over a section of the text He Yan-xin wrote
taper_0499S.jpg (20104 bytes) An embroidery that Yi Nien-hua made (picture taken at her daughter's home, April 1999)
taper2_0499S.jpg (15725 bytes) An embroidery that Yan Huan-yi made (received September 1995)
scriptdesign0499S.jpg (13782 bytes) Another embroidery (received March 1996)

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